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Weclome to the New Home of New England Drawings has been incorporated into my artist website at in an effort to consolodate my work, more efficiently manage my websites, and improve website performance.

Paintings and drawings of New England scenes, landmarks, lighthouses, and New England inspired stil life artwork are available in the following sections of this site:

Coastal New England Art

Coastal New England

Landmarks and Lighthouse Art

Lighthouses & Landmarks

Coastal New England Art

Still Life

Coastal New England Art

Sketches & Studies

New England Drawing Portrait Services

New England Drawings Portraits are still available and can be seen and ordered through the Portraits Section of this website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

New England Drawings Facebook Page

I will still post to and maintain my New England Drawings Facebook Page which will focus on New England themed artwork only. To follow me on other social media platforms, please visit my Follow page.